Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sunny Saturday

What a wonderful Saturday it is! The weather is nice, sun is bring, breeze is blowing, Owen is happy, and I am wonderful. What more could I ask for? I forgot to mention I have a wonderful book to read. Owen just went down for a nap and should sleep for about an hour.

In the past 20 minutes I have changed 2 poopie diapers and 1 wet one. Yippee! We went to exchanged the outfit for his baptism. The one we got was newborn and it fit everywhere except in the length. So, the next size up is 3 months. It's big but will work. It is so freakin' cute. We got it from Strasburg Children and everything in that store is cute! I am going to take a sewing class next month and hopefully learn how to make those outfits. There is really nothing to them...a little material, thread, buttons, and that's it. Such little materials, so much money.
Hopefully this week will go by quickly. A friend is coming down from KY to see Owen for the first time and I am FINALLY going to go out! I's been about a year since I have been out. Saturday we are going to clean the house and Sunday everyone will be over for dinner and Owen's baptism.
Today I swear I heard Owen make a slight laughing sound. It was so cute. Tony was holding him and he snickered. Such sweet sounds. He is making a new sound everyday and I am loving it. I have a meeting Tuesday with someone who is going to take Owen's 3 month pictures...hope that goes well. We are meeting at Starbucks...Yummy! I am getting his pictures made on August 11.
Tonight I am going for a walk...3 miles to be exact. I have really got to start adding exercise to my daily routine. I have been very successful on WW and I lost a total of 39 pounds. No, not all of that on WW. I lost all 28 pounds I gained through my pregnancy and 11 with WW. It is a slow process but this is going to be the last time I lose it.
Well, I am off to read & relax while my little peanut is resting in his wonderful swing. Until tomorrow...


marylee said...

oh my gosh...this is the prettiest boy I have ever seen! He is an angel!