Friday, July 13, 2007


As some of you know, I wacked my hair off about two weeks ago. I got a total of 8 inches off of it and I really love it. Many of you know I have *tons* of hair and I just couldn't take it anymore.
For the majority of my life I have alwas worn my hair back in a I am forced to dry and fix my hair everyday. I can no longer pull it back in a ponytail. However, I can make pigtails and that's it. I only do it at the end of the night before bed. I can't sleep with my hair all over the pillow.

It use to take me about 20 minutes to do my hair, now it only takes me about 10. I swear I have lost two pounds by having it cut. I am happy with it and I can see myself going a little shorter next month. ;)

Whats New:

Yesterday Tony and I went and looked at another daycare that I like better. I just pray they have a spot in a few weeks when I need on.

Owen is getting so freakin' cute! He has these little cheeks, rolls on his arms and legs, biggest blue eyes, and he's all MINE!!!

Like in the Lankford household has never been happier with the addition. I just can't wait till he's a little older and can talk! I talk to him constantly and I wished he could talk back. He probably thinks my Mommy is CRAZY...all she does is talk and read books to me.

Next month Owen will be 3 months old...where has the time gone? We are going to have his pictures made and I can't wait! I think I have found someone I like, I am going to meet with them soon.

Being a Mother has always been what I wanted and I can't imagine someone mistreating a baby/child, but it happens everyday! I wished I was rich because I would have a house full of kids! However, I am a poor teacher with little money and a lot of student loans...two children is enough.

Well, I am off to read a book while my little monkey is napping. Talk to you all soon!