Saturday, April 21, 2007

38w 3d

It's hard to imagine that I only have 11 more days till Owen arrives. I feel wonderful, waddle like a duck, tummy is huge, boobs are large, hands are a little swollen, and I am fat as a cow. But hey, I am going to be a Mommy!

Today Tony and I are going out for a little shopping, I am going to get my brows waxed, and my friend Karen is going to paint my toe nails. Yippee! If I could reach my feet, I could do it. It is a challenge to even shave my legs, which I did today. I swear, it's like running a marathon to even shave my legs. I get so tired and start to breathe heavy.

His room is ready, I have lots of diapers, his bag is packed, and all is looking good. I still have to pack my bag...I will do that tomorrow. I don't want to cut things close and not be ready when nature calls.

Tonight we are going to my brother-in-laws for dinner and UFC fight. I am sure I will be asleep by 10. It is nice to get out of the house every now and then...I know times will be limited once the little one arrives.

Well, I am off to do a little shopping. I will update tomorrow.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Oh Baby...

The countdown is on...only 12 more days till my little Owen makes his way into the crazy world. Yes, this world is so CRAZY...look at what happened Monday in Virginia. It really scares me to think that these are the things he is going to have to deal with growing up. I hope that he grows up in the loving home like I did, have two parents that support him no matter what he wants to do, show him how to love, be respectful, and all the other things I learned from my parents.

It is hard to believe the 9 months are over with and now it is time for him to come into my life. I am so ready but scared. I think it's normal for a new mom to be scared. I don't doubt that I am going to be a wonderful Mommy...b/c I know I am. Parenting is trial and error. If you make a mistake, change it and don't do it again.

Being on bed rest gives me a lot of time to think and wonder what life is going to be like one he arrives. I am ready for the challenge and look forward to being a MOMMY! Until next time...