Sunday, February 17, 2008


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Saturday, February 9, 2008

♥ eGgs ♥

Yikes, Owen is 9 months old and is growing up right before my eyes. He is on the go and it's so much fun!

He had his 9 month apt. yesterday and it didn't go as I had planned. We got there, they weighed him (17lbs. 7oz., 10th percentile), then came length. They did the measurement on the table (FUN) and she did it and it was 25" Ummmm No, @ his 6 month visit he was 27". Are you telling me my child has shrunk? She did it again...25". At this point I am freaking out! Well, it seems my child has grown an inch. He went from being in the 75 percentile to the 10 percentile for his length. The doctor said his head is growing and weight is fine. He wants to see us back in 6 weeks to make sure he is growing. I am a little worried about this. So, please say a prayer for my munchkin.

During our visit the doctor told us we needed to start giving him table food. He said we could even scramble him some eggs and give to him. Well, this morning I thought I would make him some eggs. He only took about 4-5 bites and was done. It was about his nap time and we went up stairs to sleep. I put him in the crib and I went to lie down. Owen woke up about an hour later and was BLOOD red! He had bumps all over his body and his entire body looked like it was on fire. Needless to say he was having an allergic reaction to eggs. Poor baby!
Other than that, life here at the Lankford's is wonderful. We are in the process of building a house. I think I am getting bronchitis :( Work SUCKS, but hey, I have OWEN and that's all that matters.

Oh well, I am off to get in the bed. I feel like crap, my head hurts, I am coughing my head off, freezing, and wishing my hubby was here. Wishful thinking huh?
Toodles, Stephanie