Monday, February 23, 2009

there is a god...

today was a total melt down. i got to owen's daycare about 730 & he would not let me go..."hold you mama, hold you, no mama" i literally had to walk into another room so no one could see the large crocodile tears in my eyes. my heart had just broken into a million little pieces. on a typical day i stay with owen a minimum of 15 minutes and today was no different. his teacher had to peel him off of me, i walked in the hall, signed him in, and told elise if he doesn't stop i am taking him with me. well, he stopped and i went on to work.

once at work he crosses my mind a million times. i arrived at work and i talked with josh, a father of three, and a once stay-at-home dad. he reassured me once i get owen moved and felt better about the care things would get better. throughout the day it didn't and i continued to think about him.

i didn't eat lunch with the normal crowd and when i met with my team all i could do was complain about " i want to be at home, i hate owens daycare, i need to not work, i want to raise my child, and the normal complaining i do". i went back to my class and emailed another parent at owen's daycare who is also on the waiting list for tgs, i wanted to touch base with her and see if they were planning on moving there over the summer. we i put owen on the waiting list they told me it would be more than likely the late summer or august. so, i wasn't worried about it.

right before 6th period i checked my phone and there was a call from melanie, blake's mommy, letting me know tgs had called he about a spot open. i called them to check about ours seeing we were ahead of them and he has a spot.

i know this is the best place for him and he will learn so much, but there is a lot of reservations. i currently pay 160 a week for care and it will go up to 217 a week. it will go down to 197 in may when he turns two. there is so much about this preschool i love. they have a wonderful curriculum, structure, and have educated teachers. i just pray this is the right move. god has ways of answering prayers. owen will start the week i am on spring break. i will ease him into the new environment. i will take him on monday and stay with him an hour or so and work up to the full day.

i pray god will watch over owen and me through this transition. not to mention the money difference. i noticed i will not pass a starbucks on my way in to work. that will save money. :) i am sure the tears are not over, but i hope i will feel like owen is safe at the new PRESCHOOL!!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

♥ liTTle THinGs iN liFe ♥

it's the little things in life that makes up happy & owen is no different. about 3 weeks ago we got a new 52' tv for our wall and i had no idea owen would love the box as much as he did. he played in this moster of a box for about 30 minutes, not even wanting to go take a bath.

all is going well at the lankford house. owen has been at my parents house since thursday, we are going there tomorrow for dinner, and my mom will keep owen on tuesday. tony is off on monday and owen will stay home with him. we are having tile put in the both bathrooms and laundry room on monday. we bought slate for the bathrooms and i love it.
work is nothing more than work. it is a paycheck, but very blah. for the past two weeks i have had a migraine everyday. we have 4 more weeks till spring break and i am really looking forward to it. owen will stay home with me the whole week and i am sure we will have a blast playing.
well, i am off to watch some tv.