Thursday, July 26, 2007

~:Hair Club for Babies?:~

I didn't realize how quickly babies go from having a ton of hair to bald. Poor Owen is nearly bald! He has a ring around the back of his head and a mohawk patch on the top & that's pretty much it. However, there is a lot of new growth on his head. I usually roll the crib on a daily basis with the lent roller.

He is starting to laugh and it is really cute! I absolutely love all the little sounds he is making...they melt my heart. I can't wait for the day he finally can talk, not to mention tell me he loves me back. I have to be the luckiest person in the whole wide world. I have the cuties little boy, wonderful husband, best friends, awesome parent's, and we are all healthy.

I am on the down hill slide for returning to work and I am not liking it. Monday I had a major melt down...I just sat here holding Owen & cried. I got to thinking: the daycare is not going to take care of Owen like I do, change his diapers as often as I do, hold him, cuddle, kiss, play, sing, dance, read, and do other things to/with him. He is NOT going to have the attention like he has now and that breaks my heart. God, why can't I stay home with him forever? I did tell Tony when we have another child I am going to take a full year questions asked!

We are having Owen's picture made on August 11 & I can't wait. That should be fun. I love the person I am going with and I love her work. We are also going to take some family pictures.

I am off to read Owen a's about that time of day~Story Time! I love reading to him and seeing his face when I make sounds, it's priceless. Until next time, Happy Thursday!

God Bless,