Tuesday, June 30, 2009

totally random...

well, my summer is half way over and i am sad! i like being home, but i have also worked a lot this summer and i am still not done. they money is good and it is hard for me to turn it down. owen is getting taller and sweeter by the day. god i want more...however, its not the right time. bummer! there is nothing more important to me than being a wonderful mommy. its hard, but i manage to do it.

just recently has owen started telling me "mommy, i love you" want to talk about making your heart melt...those 4 little words are all i need to hear. other than that, not much is going on. i did make a visit to see nanny this weekend and its something i have not wanted to do for a few months. she is in the later stages of alzheimer's. she didn't know who i about being crushed!

last month we converted owens crib into a toddler bed and he loves it. he doesn't get up until someone goes in there and gets him. he is wonderful.

the other day i was outside watering my flowers and tony comes out and tells me i need to come in. when i walked in owen told me he "was shaving"

at school throughout the summer the weeks are themed and this week was sports. got to love the titans!

we were blessed to be invited over to beth's house to play one day & owen fell in love with her girls...addison & campbell. not to mention the dogs! he had a blast dancing too...

when its hot outside we like to be out and playing in the water and cooling off with a popsicle.

he would much rather waste the water than enjoy it!

i guess the concrete needs water too...

a few weeks ago they have a weekly play date here in providence and we joined at the pool house for some music. owen really enjoyed it and he cant wait till the next play date.

he seemed to love looking at the bugs more than dancing! :D

this was taken at pawpaw and nana's house.

once again....he would rather waste the water than to sit down.

few weeks ago at tonys parents owen wanted to go outside and play in the puddles...