Thursday, May 24, 2007

Being a Mommy...

I never knew how much being a Mom would change my life. Owen is going on three weeks old and he is so perfect! He is everything I have ever wanted and then some. I do miss him kicking me in my tummy. However, it is really nice to have him here for me to kiss, cuddle, and hold.

He is growing like a weed! He has gained 1.4 pounds in the past 13 days, grown almost an inch, and doing great! Tony is really liking being a father and being home with him. It is funny how you dont mind getting pooh on your hands, getting a little pee on you at 2:30am, sneezed on, or anything else that comes along with being a parent.

Tony has three more weeks here at home with me and Owen and I am going to miss him once he goes back to work. I am going to HATE going back to work in August and having to put him in daycare. However, I know it's for the best!

I am going to try to post more often and keep up with the pictures. For now, I am going to make dinner while the little bird is asleep.

The Lankford's