Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where does the time go????

Where does the time go? Owen will be 2 months old next week and it seems just like yesterday I was pregnant. I do miss being pregnant, feeling him move in my tummy, being able to have milkshakes and not feel guilty, and just the joys of being pregnant. Although I loved being pregnant, I will not be pregnant anytime soon!!!! I really want to enjoy Owen and all he has to offer.

Tony has been back to work for two weeks and him not being here makes a huge difference. Taking a shower is a little tricky...I have to make sure Owen is full and not fussy, put him in the bouncy seat, and jump in. I try to be quick but he has been doing great!

My days a numbered at home...I wished I didn't have to work at all. However, it makes it hard not to go back to work b/c I love my job, but I love being at home more. These days you cannot afford to stay home and raise your child unless you have a ton of kids. I think I have 5 more weeks of being home. I have not worked since mid April.

Owen is changing everyday:

  • smiles a lot

  • makes the craziest noises...Tony says they sound like dinosaurs

  • has found his hands and puts them in his mouth

  • is getting really chunky

We go to the doctor next Thursday and I hope everything goes OK. The doctor is going to make a decision about his feet. If he is not happy with them, we are going to see a children's orthopedic doctor to help correct his feet. He will also start getting his vaccunations...*cry*

Until next time,