Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yep, that's correct...Owen is officially bilingual. At his new school they could to 10 in Spanish and last night he was looking through his new books and I hear "cuatro...cinco" and I listened closer and he said it again. Wow! He knows more Spanish that Mommy. Oh well, at least one of us will be bilingual.

I am back to work and I have worked a full week...Yippee! Milestone. :D It was not easy returning to work, but I guess I didn't have a choice. Owen seems to be 100%, but today when I picked him up his cheeks were so red. I asked Mrs. Logan what happened & she said it started about 245. It looks like he had an allergic reaction to something...what I have no clue. I will check it tomorrow and we might head to the peds on Saturday.

This weekend is going to be very eventful...Saturday BestBuy will be buy to check out our TV, we are going to get landscape items, T's friend & girlfriend are coming over for dinner, and to the in-laws on Sunday.

The day I have dreaded the most will happen tomorrow. My Nanny is going to be placed in a nursing home. She has Alzheimer's & had been in Vanderbilt for the last month. She still knows who we are, but needs to be monitored 24/7. On a positive note she is 4 minutes from my work and I will be able to check on her weekly. My father has taken this hard, as he should, but it makes it harder he is doing this alone. He is the baby of 5, but one has already passed, another is in worse shape than Nanny, his sister helps when she can (not in great health), another one is not worth killing. So, that leaves my Dad and Mom to take care of her.

How could I forget...I am going to see Brandi Carlile ( in concert on May 19. If you are thinking correctly that's my 4 year wedding anniversary & I am spending it with Elise & Cori. Wow! I am not even sure T remembered it was a special day, but I would rather enjoy the concert with peeps that love her as much as I do.

In exactly {9} days I turn...30! Yikes! I have a big weekend planned. Two of my friends are coming into town from NC & KY to celebrate. Friday ML and I are going to have a spa day. She reminded me to shave my sad is that? Then we are going to dinner. Saturday I am sure I will be with my girlfriends.

Oh well, I am going to relax for a bit and read a good book thanks to Robin. :D Here are some pics of Owen from this week.

Owen in his new boots from Nana

Preparing for his driving test

Playing with his new weed eater

Owen's new toy from Nana
Owen's "beetle" on his face from school

Playing outside after school

Until Next Time,