Friday, December 26, 2008

Paper, Present, Elmo, Bike, & Lawnmower

what a year this has been...deaths, births, dear friends (new and old), and many tears (ling's leaving :(). i am very blessed to have such a wonderful circle of friends, a darling monkey doodle, and great parents. i am sad to think another year has gone, but i am also excited to see what 2009 hold for us.

christmas was a blast this year & owen truly enjoys all his gifts. t and i didnt exchange gifts b/c we are having tile put down in the baths and laundry room. i decided i was going to start eating meat again...why? i am not really sure, but i feel at this moment in my life it was best. below are some pictures of o at christmas...

we took o to the doctor & his tubes are still in place and ears look great. he weighs 21 pounds and is 31 inches long...little monkey for sure. :) i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and you have a safe new years. we are staying home and inviting some close friends over. until next year...


Monday, December 22, 2008

Amazing Grace...

If I were to die tonight, please make sure they play Amazing Grace by Il Divo...

On another note, here is my precious Monkey.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


i absolutely love this time of, coffee, leaves, colors, halloween, weather, and other things. i have been so busy with work, owen, and life.

since i am doing the yearbook this year at school i get the privilege to go to some of the sporting events at school and away. these were taken at an away football game.
the other weekend before it got so cool outside tony washed and waxed his car. owen was such a little helper and couldn't resist when it came to washing the car. he was soaking wet by the time tony got finished.

the other week i actually got a monday off and we took owen to the zoo. he had a blast, but i think his favorite thing was touching the camel. if you are wondering as soon as we got back to the stroller i had those sani wipes to clean his hands :)
in the afternoons we spend every minute outside until owen says "eat" or it is just time to go in. i was in the kitchen cooking and happened to look at my back door and this is what i saw...

a couple of fridays ago they were having team day at school or so i thought. i read the sign wrong and we were a week early, but he looked cute. of course you know me i always have my camera handy and every picture i took he had his eyes shut.

we went to our first bowling birthday party and i must admit owen loved it. he actually got to bowl, eat greasy chicken tenders, and have his first icee.

last sunday we went to my mother-in-laws and it was a typical sunday...i spend my time playing with owen and his cousin katherine while everyone else stayed inside and watched the titans play. here are some pics of them playing with various things that we found in the garage.

i found something new owen loves...raisins :) the other night he sat on the counter and ate till his little heart was content. the next day when i picked him up from school they said "he had a very interesting diaper...there were some beans? in there" i just died laughing b/c i knew it was the raisins.

i have a lot more to post but i am really tired. i will post our pumpkin experience later this week.