Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Owen is starting to make the sweetest sounds. Yesterday was the start of a new sounds and he did it all day! He is really trying hard to roll over. He gets on his side, face down, and just can't seem to get the arm in the correct spot. It's so funny because he grunts and groans hoping it will help him get over. Once he is over he is going to freak out.

We tried another bottle and Owen likes it a lot more. There is no smacking noise while he eats and he latches right on. I am so glad I decided to try another one before he starts daycare. Speaking of daycares, my time at home is ticking away. I start back to work in exactly three weeks and that should be interesting. I am excited about starting another year with my partners but I really like being home more!

I am off to do a little reading. This is something I love doing but it's so hard to find the time these days. Toodles!!!



Barbara Ling said...

I love reading your blog Stephanie! I'm looking forward to the new school year! I have an idea though - let's just build a little area in the back of your classroom for Owen to be at during the school day! Then that way I can play and visit with him too!

Owen's Mommy said...

I am looking forward to working with you...again.