Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pajamas & PawPaw

Last night Owen and I have a night to ourselves without T. He went to a "meeting" as Owen called it. Really he was at a research thingie. :) Needless to say, we were on the go all night. It is literally a battle to get Owen to go down and last night wasn't anything different.

It started off with a bath that last for about 45 minutes. He was squeaky clean! Ha! After that he got into his new jammies that Nana gave him. He said they were "monster cookie" pajamas. Not cookie monster, "monster cookie". They were so cute on! Once we were dressed, had apple juice, and blankie, we headed upstairs.

I decided to call my dad because it had been a few days since we have talked. I didn't get much in before my dad wanted to talk to Owen. He loves talking to his PawPaw. I don't know what they talk about, but Owen always has a smile on his face.

It was getting close to bedtime and I noticed he was getting tired. He told me he wanted to go in the "big bed" SHOCKING! We went down there at about 8 & I was SO tired! I was dozing off and he would lay his head on me and say "wake up mommy" Oops! I was tied. After about 45 minutes of trying to convince him to RELAX, I took him to his bed. I just don't sleep well while he is in our bed.

He finally relaxed and went to sleep about 9'ish. Tony got home about 10:30 and I was still up working on my PowerPoint for class. I finally decided to give it up and head to bed. Little did I know I would be woken up at 11 by Owen crying.

As soon as I hear him I pop right out of bed. I went in there and this is how our conversation went:

Owen-Mommy I am crying
Owen-I am said
Me-Why are you sad?
Owen-I want to go with you in the big bed!
Owen-Please! It will be fun! Please get my blankie & pillow and take me with you.
Me-Ok. I will take you.
Owen-We can snuggle and watch cartoons

I gave in and took him with me. I am such a sucker and he wasn't kidding when he wanted to snuggle. I didn't realize that snuggling meant laying right on top of me. I work up at 1 and took his little butt back in his bed. I rested well for the rest of the night.

Off to relax and make some coffee for tomorrow.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sun, Sand, & Sanity, Oh My!

It has been many years in the making...a {VACATION}!!!! It will be 5 years in May since we have had a true vacation (7 days) on the beach, but that's all about to end! We have already booked our condo in FL for my Fall break! I am so excited, but I think I am more excited for Owen to see the ocean! I had really hoped to be thin, but that's a joke. HaHa! I am going to make the best of my week and really try to get some sanity back.

The weekends go by so fast. Its like I am so happy it's Friday and then I wake up and it's Sunday. :( I started off my weekend by seeing Wicked with two of my wonderful friends, April & Cori. The play was AMAZING! We ate dinner at Maggiano's and then off to see the play. I was tired from a long week, but I seemed to managed. I would highly recommend the play. I have waited 3 years to see it & FINALLY I got to. Well worth the wait & money.

Owen has started a new thing at bedtime. When it's time to hit the sacks, he starts saying "I want to lay in the big bed(our bed)" and it is really hard to deny him! So, like a sucker of a parent I allow him to lay with me before bed. Most times it's only for about 10 minutes, but other nights he falls asleep. This was taken yesterday.

Yesterday we did our normal dinner..."Las Thomas" as Owen calls it. Nothing better than taco, beans, rice, salsa, and guacamole.

Today was the first home Titans game and they really stunk it up! Before Tony left for the game O had to put his jersey on & I HAD to get a picture! He looks like such a big boy in his KVB jersey! We lost the game, but I gained some really cute pics!

After Tony got home from the game, he put his hat on O's head...he wore ir for an hour. Even on our way to HHGregg.

While I was trying to make my crack, AKA Starbucks, Owen insisted on playing with the flour. Once again, a sucker of a mother gave in! He loves scooping the flour an dumping it out. What did it hurt? NOTHING!

Well, I am off to bed! It has been raining here for about a week and I am feeling a little suicidal! I couldn't live in Seattle! I need to see the sun!!! Please GOD, let the sun shine this week. I am going a little crazy. OK, so I am crazy, but it is getting worse!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Milkshakes, hula hoops, & music...

It has been {FOREVER} since I have posted a blog, but there was a good camera was "sick". Something was wrong with the zoom & my year warranty expired the day before I turned it in. I knew it was going to take 6 weeks & I waited till the last possible minute to give it up. Basically there is going to be 6 weeks of Owen's life that doesn't have photos.

Monday was a sad washer went out. I currently have my Nanny's old ones & I swear they are like 30 years old. I knew this day was coming, but I wasn't prepared for it. We spent all week looking for a new pair and finally decided on these Samsung pair. We don't have them, but they are scheduled to be here on Monday. I am looking forward to having some quiet ones. When we are washing clothes with the old ones, Owen says "shaky shaky". They are SO loud.

Every weekend we must go to the car show at Chick-Fil-A for three reasons.

1. To dance to the music
2. Milkshake
3. Hula Hoop

Owen has such a blast & everyone loves watching him dance. All the cars there are really old & the average age is about 60. We fit in...HaHa!All-in-all it's a great time.

I have been busy with is kicking my butt this year. Starting off great, but a lot more work that my other years.

Headed to bed...will most more soon.

Enjoy the pics!

This pic Owen has figured out he can get out of the outfit by putting his hands in it.