Monday, July 30, 2007

Sprinkling of Water...

Yesterday was a special in the Lankford house, Owen was baptized. The day started off with all the family & friends over for a dinner. It was so nice to have everyone here with us, even though our little condo is very small.

My Nanny was able to make it but was very hard on her. She has Alzheimer's and is going downhill at a very fast rate. She currently lives at a retirement home and when she is not there she sometimes acts a little ill. During the mass Dad told me she was ready to go...saying "can't we just get up and leave?" So, we didn't get a single family picture with my parent's or Nanny.

After we all ate, it was time to start getting ready. Well, we waited till it was too late to get ready. When we were ready to go Owen decided he was going to spit up all over his clothes and mine. So, I had to change him & wipe down my clothes. We go to the church at exactly 5:45...we had to be there at that time to meet with Father Kibby.

When we got there, we changed Owen's clothes and were ready to roll! The whole ceremony was perfect & Owen was really good. I am so thankful for such a wonderful baby, husband, family, & friends. God has truly blessed me! The day was perfect!

My wonderful best friend ML came...THANKS a MILLION! I love you SO much! Also, thanks for the money, you shouldn't have. Life will not be the same without you.

Until tomorrow...


Saturday, July 28, 2007

♥ Giggle Box ♥

It's official, my baby laughed! I heard Owen this morning about 4am in the bed moving, yawning, & making some noises. So, I got up and went in his room and he was wide awake. I got him up & he was SOOOO happy! I put him on the changing table and was talking to him and then...he laughed! It was the cutiest thing! He actually did it a few times.

I thought I was in trouble because he was so wide awake. I fed him & he went right to sleep...thank God! He is such a wonderful sleeper. He usually wakes up only once in the middle of the night & is up at around 5am. Since I get up in the middle of the night with Owen, Tony will get up with him in the morning.

This morning was no different...Owen wanted out of the crib at about 5:30. Tony always takes him downstairs and puts him in the swing where he goes right back to sleep. He will bring Owen to me when he is ready to eat. Well, this morning Tony came in the room and said "can you help me?" Owen seemed to have a diaper malfunction...he had some leakage out the side. He little gown was covered in Pooh. Yuck! The sad part is Owen doesn't even care if he sits in it.

Other than that, not much is going on at the Lankford house. My friends in from KY and we are going to spend the day together. Tomorrow everyone is coming over for dinner and then we are going to church for Owen's baptism. I will post pics as soon as I can.

Well, I am off to watch some TV & drink my coffee.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

~:Hair Club for Babies?:~

I didn't realize how quickly babies go from having a ton of hair to bald. Poor Owen is nearly bald! He has a ring around the back of his head and a mohawk patch on the top & that's pretty much it. However, there is a lot of new growth on his head. I usually roll the crib on a daily basis with the lent roller.

He is starting to laugh and it is really cute! I absolutely love all the little sounds he is making...they melt my heart. I can't wait for the day he finally can talk, not to mention tell me he loves me back. I have to be the luckiest person in the whole wide world. I have the cuties little boy, wonderful husband, best friends, awesome parent's, and we are all healthy.

I am on the down hill slide for returning to work and I am not liking it. Monday I had a major melt down...I just sat here holding Owen & cried. I got to thinking: the daycare is not going to take care of Owen like I do, change his diapers as often as I do, hold him, cuddle, kiss, play, sing, dance, read, and do other things to/with him. He is NOT going to have the attention like he has now and that breaks my heart. God, why can't I stay home with him forever? I did tell Tony when we have another child I am going to take a full year questions asked!

We are having Owen's picture made on August 11 & I can't wait. That should be fun. I love the person I am going with and I love her work. We are also going to take some family pictures.

I am off to read Owen a's about that time of day~Story Time! I love reading to him and seeing his face when I make sounds, it's priceless. Until next time, Happy Thursday!

God Bless,


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sleepy Head...

For the most part Owen likes to fight going to sleep at night. Last night was nothing new! We got him ready for bed around 7, fed him, did a little playing, and he began to yawn. So, we decided to go ahead and put him in the swing.

He stayed in the swing about 10 minutes eating his hand & looking around. After that, SCREAMING! It had been a little while since he had eaten, so I fed him & he fell asleep. Tony took Owen to his crib and we thought "lights out!" Yeah right...

After about 10 minutes he was crying...Tony goes and gets him and brings him downstairs. He is wide awake & smiling...nope, I'm NOT tired! I held him for a while & then sat down b/c he is getting heavy! The whole time this was going on we were trying to watch a movie. HaHa!

I noticed Owen was wet, so I changed his diaper on the ottoman like we always do. Well, while Owen is on the ottoman he cocks his head back to watch TV. I decided to let him stay on there after the diaper change b/c he was happy & still. I always put my foot in his gown so he can't go anywhere. After about 10 minutes I noticed he was still and not moving...Tony got up and he was watching the movie with us. Then another 5 minutes passed and I got worried and Tony got up to check on him and he was asleep. I had to take a picture b/c it was too cute.

I hardly ever allow Owen to watch TV...why?

  1. babies/kids shouldn't watch tv...if they do, maybe only 30 minutes a day
  2. I would rather play with him
  3. I would rather read to him
  4. It is a habit I don't want to start!

Others might like putting their child/baby in front of the TV, but I don't. Just our personal opinion. Kind of like I don't let Owen "CIO" cry it out at night to fall asleep. There is loads of research that says this is NOT a healthy practice.

Well, I am going to finish drinking my coffee, fix some oatmeal, take a shower, & enjoy this Sunday.

God Bless & Happy Blogging,

Sleepy Stephanie

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sunny Saturday

What a wonderful Saturday it is! The weather is nice, sun is bring, breeze is blowing, Owen is happy, and I am wonderful. What more could I ask for? I forgot to mention I have a wonderful book to read. Owen just went down for a nap and should sleep for about an hour.

In the past 20 minutes I have changed 2 poopie diapers and 1 wet one. Yippee! We went to exchanged the outfit for his baptism. The one we got was newborn and it fit everywhere except in the length. So, the next size up is 3 months. It's big but will work. It is so freakin' cute. We got it from Strasburg Children and everything in that store is cute! I am going to take a sewing class next month and hopefully learn how to make those outfits. There is really nothing to them...a little material, thread, buttons, and that's it. Such little materials, so much money.
Hopefully this week will go by quickly. A friend is coming down from KY to see Owen for the first time and I am FINALLY going to go out! I's been about a year since I have been out. Saturday we are going to clean the house and Sunday everyone will be over for dinner and Owen's baptism.
Today I swear I heard Owen make a slight laughing sound. It was so cute. Tony was holding him and he snickered. Such sweet sounds. He is making a new sound everyday and I am loving it. I have a meeting Tuesday with someone who is going to take Owen's 3 month pictures...hope that goes well. We are meeting at Starbucks...Yummy! I am getting his pictures made on August 11.
Tonight I am going for a walk...3 miles to be exact. I have really got to start adding exercise to my daily routine. I have been very successful on WW and I lost a total of 39 pounds. No, not all of that on WW. I lost all 28 pounds I gained through my pregnancy and 11 with WW. It is a slow process but this is going to be the last time I lose it.
Well, I am off to read & relax while my little peanut is resting in his wonderful swing. Until tomorrow...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rolly Polly

This is what I have been waiting for, Owen to roll over. He finally did it last night while in his crib. For the past few weeks he has been getting on his side but not able to make it over b/c of his arm. Well, it seems the arm didn't stop him last night.

I have done a lot of praying that if he was going to roll over, let it be at home and not at daycare. I wished I could have seen it because I am sure it was funny.

I woke up at about 12:30am and heard some noises in there, I figured he was hungry. So, I got up, walked in the room, and stood there trying to adjust my tired eyes. I thought he was on his tummy but I wasn't sure. I leaned over the crib and rubbed him...Yep, that's his butt! He was trying to figure out how to get back over but couldn't and was getting frustrated.

I had to wake up Tony...I knew he would want to see it for himself. He was very confused when I woke him up b/c I never wake him during the night. He later told me he thought something was wrong. Nope, just your son reaching another milestone in his life.

Making sounds is one of my favorite things Owen does. Yesterday he made a snorting sound and I have never laughed so hard. He is changing everyday and it's hard to believe he is almost 11 weeks old.

On another note, I got a call today from the daycare I initially wanted to put Owen in...they were telling me they did have a spot for him in August. What a weight lifted off of me.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Owen is starting to make the sweetest sounds. Yesterday was the start of a new sounds and he did it all day! He is really trying hard to roll over. He gets on his side, face down, and just can't seem to get the arm in the correct spot. It's so funny because he grunts and groans hoping it will help him get over. Once he is over he is going to freak out.

We tried another bottle and Owen likes it a lot more. There is no smacking noise while he eats and he latches right on. I am so glad I decided to try another one before he starts daycare. Speaking of daycares, my time at home is ticking away. I start back to work in exactly three weeks and that should be interesting. I am excited about starting another year with my partners but I really like being home more!

I am off to do a little reading. This is something I love doing but it's so hard to find the time these days. Toodles!!!


Saturday, July 14, 2007


Some times it takes a friend to help motivate you to do something...walking! As many of you know, I am currently on WW and have been successful so far. However, I do have a LONG road ahead of me! I have lost this weight numerous times and this is going to be the LAST time!

Tonight my best friend came over and we went for a walk. How lovely it was to get out of the house, walk, be away from the hubby and little one, get some fresh air, and just visit.

When she arrived Owen was having a major melt down! This was the mother of all melt downs! Got him calm and put him in the swing for what I thought would be lights out! After we walked, I approached the condo expecting to hear him screaming. Nope, not a peep. I came in expecting him to be asleep and he was wide awake. Here it is 9:15 and he is STILL awake. Are you kidding me?

I don't mind him staying awake if he would sleep through the night...that will not happen. Oh well, maybe one day he will sleep through the night.

Tomorrow I am going to get up and go to church...I need it! I am going to leave Owen home and pray he is a sweet little one. I could take him with me and put him in there for the people to watch him. I am just not that comfortable yet. Also, we are going to my parent's house for my Dad's birthday.

Well, I am off to bed. I am really tired and there is nothing else to do.
Until next time,Stephanie

Friday, July 13, 2007


As some of you know, I wacked my hair off about two weeks ago. I got a total of 8 inches off of it and I really love it. Many of you know I have *tons* of hair and I just couldn't take it anymore.
For the majority of my life I have alwas worn my hair back in a I am forced to dry and fix my hair everyday. I can no longer pull it back in a ponytail. However, I can make pigtails and that's it. I only do it at the end of the night before bed. I can't sleep with my hair all over the pillow.

It use to take me about 20 minutes to do my hair, now it only takes me about 10. I swear I have lost two pounds by having it cut. I am happy with it and I can see myself going a little shorter next month. ;)

Whats New:

Yesterday Tony and I went and looked at another daycare that I like better. I just pray they have a spot in a few weeks when I need on.

Owen is getting so freakin' cute! He has these little cheeks, rolls on his arms and legs, biggest blue eyes, and he's all MINE!!!

Like in the Lankford household has never been happier with the addition. I just can't wait till he's a little older and can talk! I talk to him constantly and I wished he could talk back. He probably thinks my Mommy is CRAZY...all she does is talk and read books to me.

Next month Owen will be 3 months old...where has the time gone? We are going to have his pictures made and I can't wait! I think I have found someone I like, I am going to meet with them soon.

Being a Mother has always been what I wanted and I can't imagine someone mistreating a baby/child, but it happens everyday! I wished I was rich because I would have a house full of kids! However, I am a poor teacher with little money and a lot of student loans...two children is enough.

Well, I am off to read a book while my little monkey is napping. Talk to you all soon!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Can someone help this baby go to sleep???? Last night Owen was up till 9:40!!! All I could think was..."you have got to be kidding me!" He took mini naps all day but nothing out of the norm. For some reason he wanted to be up with us.

The doctor said last week that he has two teeth sitting right on the top and yesterday all Owen was doing was rubbing his gums, fussing, and wanting to chew on my fingers. Not to mention that morning he woke up a lot to nurse.

All is well here and we are doing great. It will not be long till I have to go back to work and he is in daycare. I really don't want to think about it but it's something that's got to happen.

Well, I am off to get ready and enjoy the day. It's raining and I love it...I would like it better if I could be in the bed all day. ;) However, I have a little bird that needs all of my attention.


Saturday, July 7, 2007


My sweet baby got his first round of shots on Thursday and all I can say is...OUCH!!!! He got three in one leg, two in the other, and a liquid oral dose! I had to hold his hands down and yhat was so darn painful! He took it like a champ and all is well now.

I was happy to know he is gaining weight! He weighed 12 pounds 3 oz. and has grown to 24 inches. Owen is getting so big! The doctor said everything is looking good and we are scheduled to come back in two months.

Owen has reached a milestone...he is sleeping through the night. Well, let me explain...some nights he goes to sleep at 7 others 8-9 and doesn't wake up till 4am to eat, then goes right back to sleep till around 530!!! This pattern has been going on all week and I am so happy!

Time is ticking down and it's getting closer and closer for me to return to work. I am not looking forward to that but it is something that has to happen. We have found a daycare that we are happy with and he is scheduled to start the first Monday in August. I know I am going to cry like a baby when I have to leave him there.

I have been thinking about going back to Nursing school to finish my nursing degree. Why? I would love to work 3 days a week and possibly even Tony being able to stay home. Just a thought! I could finish in 16 months and have my BSN. I am not going to do anything till 4 more years of teaching.

Also something else I did...I got 8 inches wacked off of my hair last week. I feel lighter and it looks cute. I was afraid of Tony not liking it but he does. I will put a picture up soon.

Well, I am off to finish getting ready. As soon as I got out of the shower my little man was ready to, I had to make him happy. I will update soon!

Monday, July 2, 2007


As each day passes I have realized that I now know what *true* love is. Look at the two most important men in my life. Each day that passes Owen is changing so much. He is making the cutiest little sounds, grunts, smiles, and expressions that just melt my heart.
Tony is on vacation this week and it's nice having him home once again. Since he spent the first 6 weeks with us he is really liking being back home with his little dinosaur. He has two more weeks of vacation this year.
July is a busy month with the holiday and my preparation for returning to work. The last Sunday of July Owen is getting baptized at the Cathedral on West End. This will take place during the afternoon mass. How neat it this: When I finally took the step to get baptized in to the Catholic Church I was a month pregnant with Owen. Now Owen is going to have the same thing done, at the same church, and by the same neat is that????
Today I went and paid my money for Owen's daycare. I can honestly say this is the HARDEST thing I have ever had to do. It breaks my heart to think someone else will get to be with him during the day. I think it is even harder because I LOVE my job...this is what I have spent so much money on, my education. I know he will be fine, but I just wished I was home with him.
I must go and wash some clothes while my little sweet one is asleep.
Until next time,