Monday, September 22, 2008

rANdom THouGhTs...

Have you ever took time to just *think*? As I sit here in Panera, drinking coffee, looking at all the different sights, I have to wonder about some things...

  • why do I have to work?
  • why are people mean?
  • could I spend my days in a coffee shop & get paid for it?
  • why there are NO cures for deadly diseases?
  • why I am not tall & thin?
  • how did I get so blessed to have such a wonderful little monkey?
  • why do they still inject our babies with all these poisons? if you are wondering, I am talking about vaccines...
  • why are teachers so UNDERPAID?
  • is there really a light at the end of a tunnel?
  • can I be the lucky winner to hit the lottery? It's $176 MILLION (I would help out my dear friends...ML, Barbara, Tasha, April, Sarah, and a few more) I will get my ticket tomorrow
  • why OPI doesn't make more colors in their nail pens...GGGgggrrrrrrr
  • why more people don't vote Republican...
  • why the DUMB media scared all the folks in Nashville & now there is NO gas in sight

My list could go on and on, but I do have to be at work by 12:45. Today Owen had a check-up at the doctors. All is well, he weighs 20lbs. 12oz. & is 31 inches long. The doctor was impressed with his vocabulary and she said he looks good. He was acting a fool there...wanting to stand in the window, pull the blinds up & down, color on the table, turn the light on and off, and just be a boy. When Dr. Freeman was in there, she laid his chart on the table...MISTAKE!!! Now his tan chart is PURPLE. Yippee! He is scheduled to go back in November, but I think I am going to wait till December.

It is that time of year again...FOOTBALL & I am loving every minute of it. Owen holds his hands up in the air and says "touchdown" it is precious. The Titans are 3-0 & us fans couldn't be happier. I don't know if I am more excited about our winnings or the Colts loss! That's right...poor Manning stinks & the Colts are 1-2!!! Haha! I am also stoked about Vandy!!! They are 4-0...2 more games and they are bowl eligible. They are ranked 25 & this is the first time in 24+ years they have been ranked.

If you live here you know there is not a drop of gas in Nashville. I was so ill on Friday on my way home. I was on E, needing gas, and there was NO gas station with any. What did I do? Set my alarm for 6am. on Saturday & went to find gas. Luckily I found some. I did tell my principal on Friday that if I didn't find any gas I wouldn't be at work on Monday. Oh well, I guess I will have to go in today. :( Bummer!

Well, I am off to work on some things before I head in to work. I actually have some pictures to post, but they are on my other computer. So, I will have to post them later tonight or tomorrow.

Until next time...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cheese Please...

If you know us, you know we eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant about twice a month. We LOVE it there and I don't know if it's because the food is wonderful, Owen loves beans & rice, we are in and out in about 35 minutes or if it's because Owen loves....


We order a thing of cheese sauce and he literally eats the whole thing. There are little droplets of cheese all of the table, him, his face, floor, and other places. He dips and then sucks all the cheese off...Yes, he double dips. :)

I could use some Mexican food about right now.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well, maybe Owen is going to be a writer. Sunday night we were upstairs and the paper was on the coffee table and he went crazy. I swear he spent a good 20 minutes throwing it on the floor and then putting in back. So cute...


Sunday, September 7, 2008

♥ When I Grow Up... ♥

I often wonder when Owen grows up what he will be. Well, it seems he already has that figured out...


He absolutely loves pushing then vacuum, broom, swiffer, or anything else around. He can entertain himself for hours. The other morning I vacuumed the floors and hadn't put the vacuum up yet and he went crazy. Thanks goodness there is no furniture in our living room...that will change next Saturday. We finally bought some.

Well, I am off to get ready for church. Owen is at my parent's house where he has been since Friday, Tony is headed to the Titans game, and I am all alone. Yippee!!!

Until next time...