Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wow...Life is crazy!!!!

I absolutely LOVE the summers...warmth, not working, being with Owen, playing, eating lunch with friends, and just being FREE!!! There is nothing better than being home with Owen and watching him grow right before my eyes.

While we are home, I try to expose Owen to as much as possible no matter how messy it is. Owen really likes painting and I don't have a problem with that. Just put one of my tees on him and turn him loose. Here we were trying to paint the frame for Tony's fathers day present.

It never fails when I am trying to cook and unload the dishwasher Owen is right there at my feet trying to get into whatever he can. He literally pulls out every piece of silverware and places it on the floor and then puts it back in there.

Every other weekend we go to my parents house for dinner. I love seeing Owen with my parents and not to mention he gets to touch everything. This day was no different. My father takes Owen to the garage and lets him get in the boat and turn on the depth finder. Owen knows exactly what buttons to push. One of Owens favorite snacks are these little organic cheese bites. Well, he decided he was going to shake the box and they went EVERYWHERE!!! Doesn't the child know how expensive these things are?When I pick up Owen from daycare and never know what to expect. Well, on this day I got there and he had a Mohawk! It was so darn cute. I wished it would stay like that all day.

I also wanted to share the pictures from Owens year session. These are the ones I had to choose from for Tony's Fathers Day present.

I ended up going with the first one.



Barbara said...

Love the pictures! Especially the one with the Mohawk! What a big boy!