Friday, June 6, 2008

What a week

it seems like this week went by so slow. i dont know if it was because all that went on or because i had nothing to do. i have stayed in my jammies for the majority of the that a problem? i dont think so. today i had my normal day, but owen wanted to throw his tantrum and geez thats enough to make anyone crazy.

dont have a lot planned for the weekend. i am sure we are going to start looking for paint, carpet, tile, appliances, and other things for the house. it will be here before we know it and we will finally be in out house. it really hasnt hit me yet, but i am sure it will once i have the payment. :) thats to my lovely friend lori & her mother who is going to help with the tile in the bathrooms. i was really sweating that one.

tonight i imagine we will do our normal dinner...lp & then watch a movie. well, i am not sure if i will make it through a movie, i never do. poor today, always watching a movie alone. well, when do you do all i do, anyone would be tire. if you are wondering...NO owen didnt sleep through the night after his tubes and he doesnt seem like thats ever going to happen. :( tony says its all my fault he still wakes up...sorry, i cant let my sweet baby cry. not to mention he is still really attached to the boob. i guess i am going to be "that" mother who nurses her older child. he does great through the day, but come night all his wants is the boob. typical guy huh?

next week i have a lot going on. packing, lunch, doctor, and other things. owen is going to the daycare on wed., thurs., and fri. for a few hours while i get what i need done. then for the next 2.5 weeks i am working...yes, you heard me, working. its hard to turn down money and it will be something i am interested in. i will be at mtsu for 10 days and the other three at a local high school. after that, its all about the new house.

we are going to be settled in the house by july 12. tony is on vacation that week and we will take that week to finish up any last minute things and get moved in. it is going to be a lot of hard work, but well worth it.

well, i am going to rest my eyes while owen is asleep. i will leave you with a few pics for a session with angela. i love them...he is so darn cute!!

happy weekend,


Barbara said...

Love, love, love these pictures! Owen is SOOOO adorable!