Sunday, June 8, 2008

he cant catch a break...

owen that is. he has caught some nasty stomach bug on saturday and spent the day sleeping/vommiting. fun huh? i felt so bad for the poor child, but there was nothing i could do. by sunday he was well on his way to getting better and today he seems 100%. we are going to venture out today to target 7 walgreens. from being on all those antibiotics he has developed a yeast infection and now we have to treat that. poor little guy. i miss my little man getting into everything...pulling out all the wipes are his favorite.

i have found a new love...

yes, thats right, ice cream, blue bell that is. it is so darn yummy, yet so expensive. owen loves ice crean and he gets a little at night if we have it. i know, i am really sad. no wonder i am as fat as i am. thats a no brainer, when you eat blue bell you gain weight. actually, i have lost weight, but i am sure if i wouldnt eat this i would lose even more.

today we are going to get out for a minute and come right back home. this week i have a lunch date on friday and then next week i am working for 2.5 weeks. we close on the house next week and i am sure we will spend the next 4 weekends getting our house ready. that should be loads of fun.
oh well, i am going to get a few things done before owen wakes up from him morning nap.
until later...