Wednesday, June 4, 2008

He just went right to him...

Thats right, when it was time for them to take Owen back to get his tubes put in, Owen went right to the anesthesiologist without blinking an eye. How sad! My baby will just go to anyone & have a smile on his face at that. As they were walking down the hall a little tear appeared. All I could think of was why and I sad? Owen has been on antibiotics for nearly 8 months with no relief in sight. He gets an ear infection every month, sometimes twice and month and I have a tear. Are you serious? All I knew was...they better take care of my munchkin or there will be hell to pay. :D However, everything went great we were in and out by 8:00 am. He came home, got sick, slept till 11, got up, nursed, played, took another nap, played some more, ate, and is back asleep. You would never know that he had anything done today. He does have a little drainage, but that is expected. The doctor said there was thick drainage from both ears & we needed to have this done. I am very thankful we are finished...lets just hope getting tubes helps him sleep through the night. Wishful thinking huh?

This pic was taken yesterday while we were at home playing. I wonder why my phone is a piece of crap...look....

So, I have going back to the "old" me...not eating animal product & I have taken a bigger step...eating all organics. I know, a little pricey these days, but all well worth it. I am totally a publix chick, but I have noticed that Krogers has a HUGE selection of organic products & they are their brand. Even cheaper!!! So, once we move I will start back to Krogers b/c there is one about 3 miles from our new house. Owen has been on all organic his whole life (13 months) :) I am plan on staying on that track.

Speaking of the house, we are closing on the 19th of this month. I am pretty happy, but not looking forward to doing the work that needs to be done (painting mainly). I guess there is not real way around that. It has to be done and I am not paying someone to do it for us. Yes, I would like some cheese with my wine!!! :

This pic was also taken yesterday & you can see Owen is saying "Hello"

Owen has taken about a total of 12 steps, but he is well on his way to walking. Here is one of his push toys...he will literally run you over while pushing it. Precious!!!

So, Owens next favorite toy is the laptop. He loves touching the buttons and turning it off an on. Thanks Metro for the computer. :)

As you can see I am really loving being home for the summer and so is Owen.
Giving Owen a bath is a blast! He loves playing with the balls (thanks Barbara) and as you can see we have all these *animals* that can be created on the walls. Well, I like putting the foam eyes on Owens head...he never knows they are there because they are so light. Is this wrong of me for doing this?
So, to wrap my day up with Owen, he decided that he wanted to play with my shades. As the wonderful Mother I am, I let him do what he, he is pimping my Guess sunglasses.

How could I forget to mention Owen and him holding his breath. Yes, thats right, he did it AGAIN. While we were playing yesterday, we were looking out the door like we often do. When all of a sudden "Dolly" a fluffy white dog runs by & she runs up to the door. What does Owen want to do? Go outside. So, once again, being the wonderful Mother I am we go outside. She licks and loves all over him. When it was time for her to continue on her journey to pooing, we go back in. As you can imagine Owen is NOT happy. Well, I am SORRY, but I have to use the restroom. I sat him on the rug in front of my door (see in pictures above) & run to the restroom. He begins to cry, but while I am peepeeing :) I hear nothing. I knew what was happening. Owen was holding his breath AGAIN. I hurry up & wipe...NO, I didnt wash my hands & run out only to find Owen on his side on the rug. I roll him over on his back & he is blue. I blow in his face & he comes around. Once he takes a breath, what does he do? Points to go back outside. No way Jose!

Oh well, I am off to get a water & some rest.

Thanks for all the prayers!