Sunday, August 5, 2007

♥ The time has finally come ♥

Well, it's time home is UP! Tomorrow is Owen's first day at daycare and I am so SAD. I am NOT looking forward to it & honestly, I have done a lot of crying. I know I have no choice, but it is killing me.

I don't have to be back to work till Wednesday but I thought I would go ahead back to get my room ready & to get Owen use to his teacher. He will only be there for a few hours tomorrow and Tuesday, but full days the rest of the week.

A part of me is really ready to return to work and the other half just wants to be a Mommy at home with Owen. I try to look at all the positives with my work: no long hours, little time at daycare, a few days off a month, a week off in November, two weeks in December, one in January, & one in March. Not that shabby.

Owen is really laughing a lot these days and the sound just melts my heart. He is getting so big & I am not really liking it. I loved the small 8 pound baby & he is much bigger now. Matter of fact, we are going to the doctor tomorrow & I am interested to see how much he weighs.

Well, I am off to get all the things together for tomorrow. I will post tomorrow about his & mine first day apart.

Sad Stephanie