Sunday, August 19, 2007


For the past two weeks I have had a lot on my, home, Owen, Tony, pumping, teaching, deadlines, & the list goes on. It seems just when things are going good...crap hits the fan. It's been a while since I have posted anything & I don't really know where to begin, but I need to start somewhere.

I will start with the positive:

We had Owens picture made last weekend with Angela Crutcher and what I have seen of the pics, they are FAB! Owen was wonderful for the two hours she was here. I just can't wait to see the others. Well, that's about all for the positives...

Negatives: Owen started daycare two weeks ago and I have really been depressed ever since. I HATE it someone else gets to take care of him, he smells like daycare & not me, he has to take 3 bottles rather than nursing, they don't love him like I do, are they holding him? NO, and I am sure there are a ton more things. He seems to be adjusting to the new place, but I am NOT. I really like it there & they are all so nice...however, I would rather be home!!!

Work...I love teaching, but this year is hard! There are so many new requirments and we only have about three weeks to complete them all. My principal wants us to turn in lesson plans for 9 weeks, go through about 30 kids cume folders, and write an IEP (inndivual education plan) for EVERY student we teach (I have about 150 students), & I am sure there is something I am missing.

Want to talk about stress, PUMPING while at work has become another JOKE! This would not even be possible if it wasn't for a few male teachers who have stepped up to the plate. I just really wished I would have taken off a full year to be home with Owen. Speaking of Owen...he is sick! Yep, thanks daycare! Last night I didn't get but maybe 3 hours worth of sleep b/c Owen was up all night. Today was the same and he has finally fallen asleep. I have said a prayer that he will sleep throught the night. I can't take much more. Tony is going to get up with him tonight if he is fussy & stay home tomorrow with Owen. We called the doctor and we bought a humidifier, nose drops, & Vick's baby rub in hopes something will help.

Tony should know something this week about where he stands with his job at SunTrust. This is the main thing that's stressing me out. The thought of Tony not having a job is really taking it's toll on me. I will let you all know something as soon as I do.

Well, I am off to try to get some much needed sleep & pray that my angel sleeps tonight.