Thursday, August 23, 2007

♥ LoOkInG uP ♥

Things are looking up for me & the family. Monday we found out Tony's job was safe! Thank God! I have been really stressing out about this for months now. My brother-in-law has a friend who works for MTSU & could possibly have a job for Tony. I am not holding my breath on this, but I am saying a prayer that he has a chance.

There is also a relief at work & I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have a huge deadline to meet and I believe I, along with the 6th grade will meet the deadline. Pumping is getting better & I am not as stressed.
Saturday we meet with Angela to see all of Owen's pictures and purchase some. It's going to be hard to decide what ones to get & not get. If I were rich, we would purchase them all. However, we are going to have to *pick* out the best ones & I know they are all great. Angela's work is FAB & I am so glad she found me. Below are four of the pictures she took:

Well, I am going to wake Owen so he can eat before he heads to daycare. Until next time...



Barbara Ling said...

I am glad things are looking up! This week has truly been less stressful than the previous one! We've had a great week the past few days! Hopefully they will continue on! The pictures are adorable and I can't wait to see the rest!