Friday, December 25, 2009

Hi! My name is...

Stephanie & I have a PROBLEM! Yes, that's right! I have a HUGE problem. The first step to healing is realizing you have a problem, right? My problem...♥ FOOD ♥. Over the next 17 months I plan to face my problems and take the bull by the horn & shake this addiction. You might laugh, but I swear I ♥ food! Did I mention I ♥ true SOUTHERN food that is cooked like my Nanny use to cook? However, I have let my guard down and let this control my life. NOT NO MORE!!! Over the next year+ I plan on doing some things.

Now as you read these, dont think they are going to happen over the next year, but more likely over the next 17 months. I figure if I write them down, I can go back and look at them each week to check myself. Here they are

♥ for once and for all lose this weight
♥ become a runner (I use to be in my skinny days, but not so much now :O))
♥ complete a marathon
♥ get with DAVE (Tasha, just for you)
♥ focus on my +30
♥ organize my life
♥ blog daily on Owen/weight (blog to come)
♥ focus on my son
♥ set mini goals (check out weight blog for that)
♥ go to chuch weekly
♥ heal my body

I think there are lots more, but this is a good start. I will post a link to my journey maybe tomorrow. :O) Until next time...