Friday, November 27, 2009


At least that's what I have heard. It seemed to be true tonight. We have always put our Christmas tree up that day after Thanksgiving & this year was no different. This year is so much different than last year. We actually have ornaments all the way down to the ground and Owen really knows what Christmas is. Everything he sees that he wants he says..."I want that from Christmas". How precious is that? So, after breaking two ornaments, the tree is up and Owen was a huge help!

He was giving the tree a hug before heading upstairs.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was wonderful as usual. We started off the day by going to my in-laws and all was great. Owen loves going there to play with his cousin Katherine. We ate till our little hearts were content and just when we were getting comfortable...we had to head to my parents house. Here are the few pictures I took yesterday.

I had decided I was going to conquer Black Friday for the heard me right FIRST time in my short 30 years. Boy, I didn't realize how much fun we would have. I tricked my friend April into going with me and I had it all mapped out. 1. Be at Target by 5am 2. KMart by 6am 3. OpryMills after that. Well, we stuck to our plan and it was fun. We returned home around 8ish and little did I know Tony and I would continue on till 330. NO, Owen wasn't with us...he was at his Grandma's house. I refuse to be that parent that drags their child out in all that madness. It was a blast and we are already planning our 2010 Black Friday trip! Thanks April! By shopping today, I am 90% finished with my shopping. :)

This is what Target looked like at 445am.



Barbara said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving! I loved the video of Owen and the tree! How precious! He's growing up so fast! It seems like it was just yesterday that you were telling me you were pregnant!


Courtney said...

The tree looks beautiful. Christmas will be so much fun this year!