Saturday, November 21, 2009

my ♥ l ♥ o ♥ v ♥ e ♥ s ♥

over my short 30 years i have realized that i ♥ love ♥ a lot of things

♥ owen
♥ family
♥ coffee
angela's photography
♥ friends
♥ reading
♥ sweet tea
♥ organic food
♥ country life
♥ brandi carlile

my list is very short, but i am sure i will have more things to add before the post gets published. life in the lankford house is not so interesting. we are all busy with work and home. getting ready for the holidays in my favorite time. we will put the tree up on wednesday while we are all home. this year the holidays are going to be a little hectic...we are headed to my sister-in-laws house in the am and then to my parents in the pm. i am sure owen is going to be so tired, but it will all be worth it!

black friday is going to be interesting...elise and i are headed to the stores at 4am for a little bargin shopping and then later in the afternoon tony and i will venture out. we are not really sure what we are going to get o from santa, but we are thinking a drum set. he is really into, i think some legos would be perfect. we have already bought him a little pop up tent for the house.

i dont want anything for christmas except to hit the lottery. :) i dont want to work any longer. here is what i am going to send to santa.

dear santa,

all i want for christmas is to be able to stay at home and raise my child. i have been good this year, but i am sure i could do better. however, if you were to allow me to stay home, i will do much better.

wishing i was a sahm

do you think that would work? i am not so sure, but i am really working hard to make that happen for the next kiddo or two. ha! i can only hope there is room/money for two more kids. we will see. there is a couple more years before we have to make any decisions.

i cant leave you without some pictures of my favorite person on earth...owen!

until next time.



sarah said...

I didn't make your favorite things list.... darn! Stay positive things will work out... imagine what you want already being here and you never know.... a vehicle to get you there may arrive soon! LOVE YOU!!!

Owen's Mommy said...

You know you made the list..."friends" if I started listing them all, I would forget someone. You are right there on the top!

Barbara said...

Geez! Sarah beat me to it! Where is my name! Just kidding!

Love your letter to Santa! You should check my blog for my letter to Santa this week! It might sound something like..."Please give me bodies to fill my now large and empty house with"! HA!