Sunday, July 19, 2009

Choo Choo's & Cars

Yesterday was a very eventful day in the Lankford house. We started off by taking my "sick" car to Honda for a little....well A LOT of work. Next we swung by Target for Blake's birthday present, then home to mow the yard, and then it was nap time. Owen went down a little later than usual, but still managed to get his 2 hours in. I had to wake him up @ 230 for Blake's party. The party started at 2 and ended at 4. We managed to arrive at 3 & it was just the right time.

Blake's theme was trains and I knew they were going to have a train to ride, but I wasn't expecting it to be that long. Owen was eager to get on and go around the neighborhood. As we were riding I noticed that he started looking a little flushed. I believe he was getting motion sickness because once he got off he was fine. I thought he was just not into it and we went for a second ride. I felt bad b/c he looked like he was going to be sick. He never got since, but I don’t think we will do that again.

Here he is with the conductor.

For some reason he likes walking under these bushes & let them tickle him.

For some reason I love this picture.

Here Blake and Owen are playing with the balloons on the ground.

I thought this was funny...he was staring out the window looking at this teenager in a bikini. Typical male. :D

Owen really loved looking at the train...

Isn’t he just precious?

I absolutely LOVE this face!

He had to touch the light on the train.

This is his friend Blake. They have been together since they were born.

Last in the afternoon we decided that we were going to head to Chick-Fil-A for their car show. They have this every Saturday in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. It is packed! People literally get up there at about 1 to get their spot. The have a DJ and it is mainly old cars. When we got up there Owen immediately want to dance and not get a milkshake, but we convinced him otherwise. :) Needless to say he only drank about 5 sips. We weren’t there for more than 10 minutes and I looked up and he was pooping. Wouldn’t be right for him to not poop out in public.

On our way to the restroom Owen noticed this HUGE puppy that was really friendly. He was so excited to touch him and give him some hugs.

These pics are after the poop...he was a dancing machine. Everyone was just in ahhhh over him. He is my child :)


Courtney said...

So cute. What a great train. I love the last picture of him dancing. SO CUTE!