Sunday, July 12, 2009

CAllInG ALl bUiLDeRs...

I knew that Owen's {2nd} Birthday Party was going to be a fun one! He is very much into dump trucks and digging. So, the theme was easy...Digging & Dumptrucks. I had his cake made at Unique Flavors here in Nashville, TN. Not only is her cakes wonderful, her food is too!

I knew I wanted to make Owen a special plate for his birthday that he can use over and over. This is the finished product I created him at Brushfire Pottery

Since there was a theme, I made all the kiddos gifts to take home with them. They all recieved a hardhat filled with machine gummies, bubbles, shovel & rake, and other goodies.

This is the birthday boy in his outfit I found at Gymboree that matched the theme of the party.

Here they are digging in my landscape.

Making a mess like boys do!

Owen has never been the type to get his hands dirty with food on them. I didnt expect he would dig into the cake, since he had his OWN cake last year and didn't touch it. :) I love this picture! Thanks to our wonderful photographer Angela Crutcher Photography for capturing this.

This is the damage we did on the cake.

The fun part came of opening presents. Well, it was fun for me, but once Owen opened up the weed eater his didnt care about anything else. He recieved a shaving kit and he was practing shaving. Love this picture!

Here is the weed eater. Safety first! He loves his weed eater and he also got an air blower.

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Courtney said...

Cute party. I love the cake. My nephew has that weed eater and he loves it!