Monday, August 18, 2008

Millions of Prayers

As I sit here at work I am in tears. My family CANNOT stay healthy. Owen was sick this weekend with a horrible cough, but seemed OK. Last night was rough...he woke up A LOT, I got little sleep, brought him into our bed, and about 2:00am I got woken up by the bed shaking. Tony was freezing...100.7* fever and not feeling good.

He stayed home today, vomited, and went to the doctor. He has a viral infection which is contagious!!! I DO NOT want to get this nor does Owen need to get it. I swear I just can't catch a break.

I am so stressed and this makes me worry...will Owen get it, will I get it...did Tony touch something? I will be sick from all the stress. I am going to get some Lysol before we go home & I am going to spray EVERYTHING. I am sleeping on the floor in Owen's room and PRAY to God that we are safe. I can't take another sick person, let alone my Monkey.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE say a million prayers that Owen & I don't get this bug. I am so darn scared...



Barbara said...

oh, steph! your family is always in my prayers! i definitely hope that you and owen don't get the bug that tony has! just stay patient and calm. things will run it's course and get better. just remember, lots of juice and lots of water! i'll call you later in the week!