Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm Back...

It has been a while since I have blogged, but there is no better time than now. We are settled in out new house and love it out here. My neighbor is great and everyone around us is just like *us* :). The house is slowly getting organized but there is still a lot of furniture to purchase. I am sure we will be doing that soon. Starting off with a flat screen TV for our bedroom.

Owen seems to always get whatever bug that's going around and this weekend is no different. He has a horrible cough and the poor child couldn't sleep last night. I do everything so healthy and he can't seem to catch a break. I breastfed till he self weaned 3 weeks ago, he eats nothing but organic foods, drinks organic milk/juices, takes a multivitamin daily, and also gets probiotics everyday. What am I doing wrong?
Owen loves the new house and his favorite thing to do is go "side" Needless to say we spend ALL of our free time "side" He loves being in the garage and it doesn't matter if it's 118* outside, we are out there sweating.

Owen has a fond love for these satin pillow cases my Nanny made. She only slept on them and when she passed I had to have them. I *USE* to sleep on one every night, but Owen has to have one everywhere he does. We have even had to take in into the tub with us. I only have 4 and I wash them everyday. He sucks his thumb and pulls the pillow case up by his nose. He drags it everywhere. I know no matter where we go we have to have the blankie with us.

Today we are going to the fair and I am pretty excited about it. I hope Owen really enjoys it. I will post pics tomorrow.

I am back to work and it is really weird without Barbara (teaching partner for the past 3 years) not there. I like my new position in the 7th grade, but I can't pinpoint why I love it up there so much. It could be because I am all alone and no one bothers me, I'm in denial that Barbabra is gone, or I like teaching 1 prep. I do like the fact that no one bothers me...but I sure do miss my Barbara. We would eat lunch together daily, chat, and talk about our "issues". We were family for 3 years and now she is gone. Do you get that I am sad and missing her? However, this year since we would not be working together I have vowed that during my lunch & planning I would get everything taken care of and I would NOT take anything home with me. So far I am doing pretty good.

The other day while I was home with Owen he got into my cabinet and pulled out the Q-tips. They were all over the house. He really enjoyed playing with them. I am still finding Q-tips in random spots.

Well, I am off to get some things done around the house while Monkey is asleep. I will post tomorrow.