Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sun, Sand, & Sanity, Oh My!

It has been many years in the making...a {VACATION}!!!! It will be 5 years in May since we have had a true vacation (7 days) on the beach, but that's all about to end! We have already booked our condo in FL for my Fall break! I am so excited, but I think I am more excited for Owen to see the ocean! I had really hoped to be thin, but that's a joke. HaHa! I am going to make the best of my week and really try to get some sanity back.

The weekends go by so fast. Its like I am so happy it's Friday and then I wake up and it's Sunday. :( I started off my weekend by seeing Wicked with two of my wonderful friends, April & Cori. The play was AMAZING! We ate dinner at Maggiano's and then off to see the play. I was tired from a long week, but I seemed to managed. I would highly recommend the play. I have waited 3 years to see it & FINALLY I got to. Well worth the wait & money.

Owen has started a new thing at bedtime. When it's time to hit the sacks, he starts saying "I want to lay in the big bed(our bed)" and it is really hard to deny him! So, like a sucker of a parent I allow him to lay with me before bed. Most times it's only for about 10 minutes, but other nights he falls asleep. This was taken yesterday.

Yesterday we did our normal dinner..."Las Thomas" as Owen calls it. Nothing better than taco, beans, rice, salsa, and guacamole.

Today was the first home Titans game and they really stunk it up! Before Tony left for the game O had to put his jersey on & I HAD to get a picture! He looks like such a big boy in his KVB jersey! We lost the game, but I gained some really cute pics!

After Tony got home from the game, he put his hat on O's head...he wore ir for an hour. Even on our way to HHGregg.

While I was trying to make my crack, AKA Starbucks, Owen insisted on playing with the flour. Once again, a sucker of a mother gave in! He loves scooping the flour an dumping it out. What did it hurt? NOTHING!

Well, I am off to bed! It has been raining here for about a week and I am feeling a little suicidal! I couldn't live in Seattle! I need to see the sun!!! Please GOD, let the sun shine this week. I am going a little crazy. OK, so I am crazy, but it is getting worse!



Barbara said...

Oh, Stephanie!

I just love you and miss you! You will have tons of fun at the beach! And just imagine the excitement and amazement that Owen will have when he sees the ocean!

As for Wicked, I was getting really annoyed of seeing all my Nashville friends FB status' talking about it. So, I goggled to see when it would be here! I've already told Andy to reserve July of 2010 for a date to see Wicked! He looked at me like I'm crazy! If there is little kids in the picture by then, they WILL be going to the grandparents house!

Hope all is well! I still want to see you next month!