Saturday, March 14, 2009

hello spring break!!!!!!

I thought I was going to start Spring Break off with a bang...little did I know I would be cleaning up puke. Yes, that's right, Owen is sick AGAIN!!! I was home with him on Thursday b/c he threw up, my mom kept him home yesterday and he was OK. He woke up this morning and was very fussy. I took his temp & it was OK. I just knew something wasnt right. He wanted juice...I gave him some. He drank one cup full, wanted another, drank that one, and a little of another cup (thats three totaly if you are confused). He came in the bed with me, T was still asleep, and seemed better. He wanted to go play in the computer room with the saw. We did that & then I had to "mommy hold you". Well, that was all she wrote. Next thing I hear was splatter of puke all on me, the computer table, printer, and floor. He threw up all the apple juice. :(

I called the doctor and they said it was a virus going around...Thanks!!! Welcome Spring Break! He seems better, but who knows. I just pray we are over this and T & I don't get it. The other day while I was home with Owen we played with the saw. Here are the pics...

This week is going to be a busy, yet fun week. Monday Owen will start his new school...The Gardner School. Praise the LORD!!!!! I will work him in that week and he will start full-time on the following Monday. I just hope it all goes smoothly.

Tuesday-Thursday we are having tile installed in our bathroom & laundry room. I am going to spend the majority of the day outside, at the playground, and hanging out with Owen.

Oh well, I am off to bed. The last two pictures are of Owen up in the bonus room walking in his "boots" or his blocks. Please ignore the mess...we are redoing our new TV/wall unit. That's why the bootleg, old, TV stand is randomly placed in the pic. :)

Night Night,


Barbara said...

I was just looking at the ticker at the top of your page...the one with Owen's age. I can't believe that little boy is almost 2! I still can remember when you told me you were pregnant. For some reason, I know exactly where we were.

I miss you tons!