Friday, January 9, 2009 NEW best friend!

Well, it's Friday night, I am all alone, Owen is asleep, and I am drinking some wine. ;( About 4 years ago T & I went to a wine tasting here in Nashville and all the wines there were from TN. I feel in love with their Blackberry wine...

The wine is wonderful and I need more. If you are interested, go here...

Over the break a couple of really good friends from work came over for a luncheon, wine (4 bottles), chats, & a nice time. I had a bottle left over and I thought it was appropriate to open it tonight. T has gone out with some friends, leaving us all alone. I will be alone tomorrow night too b/c he is going to the Titans game...GO TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work is dreadful & everyday I wished I was at home raising my child. However, I did get some wonderful news a few weeks ago. I called The Gardner School & it looks like O will have a spot either for the summer or in August. I plan on keeping O home with me all summer, but I am willing to pay for him to have a spot at TGS. His friend @ daycare is also on the list...Blake.

Well, I am going to finish checking my email & then it's off to watch Nancy Grace :D.



stan, tasha and isabella said...

A bottle of wine and alone time sounds like heaven to me...and I don't even like wine. :) Sorry about work, but at least we're in it together. Enjoy your peace and quiet.

Barbara said...

Sounds like it's delicious! We bought a bottle of Blackberry wine the other night and I absolutely love it! I have never been a real fan of wine until recent! It's calming. Wish I could have been there to share with the girls the other day!

I MISS YOU! You should make a trip to Columbus. Hehe! We're thinking about coming again at our Spring Break!