Monday, September 22, 2008

rANdom THouGhTs...

Have you ever took time to just *think*? As I sit here in Panera, drinking coffee, looking at all the different sights, I have to wonder about some things...

  • why do I have to work?
  • why are people mean?
  • could I spend my days in a coffee shop & get paid for it?
  • why there are NO cures for deadly diseases?
  • why I am not tall & thin?
  • how did I get so blessed to have such a wonderful little monkey?
  • why do they still inject our babies with all these poisons? if you are wondering, I am talking about vaccines...
  • why are teachers so UNDERPAID?
  • is there really a light at the end of a tunnel?
  • can I be the lucky winner to hit the lottery? It's $176 MILLION (I would help out my dear friends...ML, Barbara, Tasha, April, Sarah, and a few more) I will get my ticket tomorrow
  • why OPI doesn't make more colors in their nail pens...GGGgggrrrrrrr
  • why more people don't vote Republican...
  • why the DUMB media scared all the folks in Nashville & now there is NO gas in sight

My list could go on and on, but I do have to be at work by 12:45. Today Owen had a check-up at the doctors. All is well, he weighs 20lbs. 12oz. & is 31 inches long. The doctor was impressed with his vocabulary and she said he looks good. He was acting a fool there...wanting to stand in the window, pull the blinds up & down, color on the table, turn the light on and off, and just be a boy. When Dr. Freeman was in there, she laid his chart on the table...MISTAKE!!! Now his tan chart is PURPLE. Yippee! He is scheduled to go back in November, but I think I am going to wait till December.

It is that time of year again...FOOTBALL & I am loving every minute of it. Owen holds his hands up in the air and says "touchdown" it is precious. The Titans are 3-0 & us fans couldn't be happier. I don't know if I am more excited about our winnings or the Colts loss! That's right...poor Manning stinks & the Colts are 1-2!!! Haha! I am also stoked about Vandy!!! They are 4-0...2 more games and they are bowl eligible. They are ranked 25 & this is the first time in 24+ years they have been ranked.

If you live here you know there is not a drop of gas in Nashville. I was so ill on Friday on my way home. I was on E, needing gas, and there was NO gas station with any. What did I do? Set my alarm for 6am. on Saturday & went to find gas. Luckily I found some. I did tell my principal on Friday that if I didn't find any gas I wouldn't be at work on Monday. Oh well, I guess I will have to go in today. :( Bummer!

Well, I am off to work on some things before I head in to work. I actually have some pictures to post, but they are on my other computer. So, I will have to post them later tonight or tomorrow.

Until next time...


Barbara said...

I truly enjoy reading your blog! It just makes me smile and miss you 100 times more than I already do!
I am going to meet the teacher that I am taking over for tomorrow! Excitement! I can't wait to meet my little 3rd graders!
Talk to you soon! Love ya!